New Song: I Am Yours

I wrote this song at the Circle of Love Retreat ( ) Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Over the course of a beautiful weekend full of open hearted people, I had an epiphany. I was so defensive about “Takers”, Racists, Sexists, Classists, and injustice of all kinds that I became someone who side…

Tell Me: Conversations about Love

  Conversations about Love set to music by me! Here my friends and I party, play games, enjoy adult drinks and have adult conversation!! This is our first party in my home. D/FW get ready for some real, sultry, laughter inducing conversation and some good music!    

Open Your Eyes


A Poem Sung: Open Your Eyes A mix of a poem I wrote and a song by Bobby Caldwell

Our Need to Hate or Love Beyonce


Superbowl 50, she made the biggest move any entertainer of her caliber has made since Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddamn”.  Before the media could begin roasting her or setting her on a pedestal, we began our usually routine of tearing her down or exalting her. This last move was clearly praise worthy. She put a long, illustrious career…

You’re Doing Too Much… (Products of Now)


I lost my cousin a few months ago. She was a vibrant woman with a laughter that echoes in the collective ear of our wounded family. She was hearty and full, all the time. Her loss has quickened us all. We’re reevaluating everything. We’re taking stock of our lives and for me, I’ve been introduced to…

Bitter Baby Mamas and Why You need to Getcho Life!


You can feel it when we arrive. There’s something in our eyes, aura or stride. There’s a question on our invisible T-Shirt that asks, “How do you plan to take advantage of me today?” We are Bitter. Perhaps we were perfect wives and girlfriends or maybe we were Bitches with attitudes. Either way, when our…

Faith, Oprah and Honesty

This talk is food for the soul. It takes an hour and it’s worth it to play it in the background or stop what you’re doing and watch. Oprah Winfrey on Career Life and Leadership by Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Learning How to Punk Out.


I’ve never had a shortage of heart. Growing up in the Hood, Richmond, California to be exact, “Having heart” was essential to having peace. I remember walking into large crowds, say at a festival or a game, knowing someone there would laugh at me, talk about me, and threaten me if I looked soft. You…

15 Signs that You are Hating on…. Yourself.


Some of us are born with the goods. No matter how much money they have, degrees or no degrees, attractiveness or charm, some of us were born with the gift of self-love. And no matter how bad the world gets they can always separate themselves from what they see and hear. They can always say,…

The Art of Being You…. by Caroline McHugh


This Ted Talk awakened something in me. I hope it does the same for you.